There is a reason Ziggie is well praised in community: It is specialised.

In today’s world if you are not specialised (and not just saying it – being it) you will burn.

In each of the three cleaning-towers, Ziggies are specialised to that specific tower.

Expert Cleaner

Let’s talk straight here – cleaning is a trade that sounds easy and no-one really wants to do it. Those that never have done any cleaning themselves, not only have unreasonable expectations but also do not understand what it takes to deliver the super-clean and refreshing end result.

To do this and work in this competitive industry we understand that each cleaner has to be an expert in field and aim towards:

  • Customer satisfaction – priority #1.
  • Superior, detailed results.
  • Focused on speed.
  • Don’t compromise on quality.

Professionals Are Trained

To accomplish highest quality in every cleaning tower (new build, commercial and residential), every individual must be trained.

Cleaning might seem that to take a cloth and a spray bottle in your hand the job is done – but, once you try, you realise it is not at all like that.

New building cleans begin on unfinished sites and end at handing over the premises (house / apartment / hotel unit) to the new owner. It has 4 phases of cleaning!

Commercial dwellings are a representation of a company / business – their selling point. Cleaning is tailored to the needs of the business and needs to be done without an interruption to the business activities.

Residential cleaning is an ongoing learning where we are trained on how to follow instruction, make changes, be flexible, time oriented and deliver more then asked for.

Ziggie New Build Cleaners are Experts indeed.

How does Ziggie do it?

  • We tailor each job.
  • We have in-house training.
  • Juniors work along the seniors until they can fly solo.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Communication is Everything.
  • We Love what we do.
  • We have FUN.

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