Business & Friendships … Bliss or Nightmare!?

Having quite a bit of experience in this department, my opinion is one that might shock my friends and raise questions within my colleagues – here it goes anyway: I believe that there is a place for friends to work together.

It is a place where two personalities and trust has to be of the right mix.

Business alone brings unique set of challenge and difficulties, when combined with emotional friendship game it can either be boosted or killed in its tracks.

Some friendships remain through good and bad and others … well, yeah… you know… 
I am so so lucky to keep working with my friend Hanu for over 11 years! and Wanita for almost 7 years. What a Lady!! Cannot wait for your @socialmediaconferencenz !! #smcnz2019 and Rick and Heidi May for the last 4. Amazing!!

My business is so much more the FUN with quality and result driven people in it!!

I am curious to hear opinions on: Is mixing friendship and business something that should be promoted or not?

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