NataschaDavy Construction Limited we are so so grateful!! TAURANGA!!

New Beginnings Exciting news! Ziggie has Successfully expanded to Tauranga!! Our first job with Davy Construction was a stunning pool house in an amazing scenic vineyard – WOW! Thank you Davy Construction Limited! There is no stopping us now with Natasha and Zoe onboard!

Yesterday marks our 2020 start in Tauranga – very happy to report that things are ticking along just fine. We are talking to amazing project managers, business owners, and busy mums. We are preparing for a lot of work and planning our TeamZiggie ahead of time by asking people who are eager to work and come to join us to build Ziggie.

We Cannot Do It Without Your… Help 🙂

As a professional cleaning company who focuses on fastidious cleaning, our set goal is to:

* help people in the construction industry present and impress their 100% immaculate end projects to their clients

* support business professional through creating comfortable office spaces second to none

* help create that awesome experience in the fitness centers

* support the busy mothers and fathers by helping them maintain their personal space pristine

No matter the need, we have:

* industry-specific specialized people to fulfill the request

* a wide range of high-quality and environmentally friendly cleaning products &

* equipment to fit the needs of every job TeamZiggie is a group of like-minded individuals who put their customers as a first priority and take pride in their work A-Z.

We are aware that the only way to prove this – what we say – is to put it to the test – so, Tauranga! Call us now and help us build our business.

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