My heart has always been open to people in need. I don’t know maybe because God gave me an ability to feel for others and truly connect. TeamZiggie was my little project that became a huge love and now I have a Team who wants to stand by me and help others in any way possible.

This song has inspired us to begin a strong shift to helping people understand that if they do not talk and share their needs, frustration and burdens they are not ‘writing their story’ but living in this unpredictable world full of fear.

We have now created a group where we share personal stories and live life to serve people and help them ‘never take single breadth for granted’.

RiseUP Group is a Team that originates from TeamZiggie – where we live to what we say: Attitude is Everything. A place where we want to see people genuinely happy, achieving their dreams.

We hope that we will see you ‘on the other side’.
Join RiseUP Now.

Granted – Josh Groban

“Have you ever felt it could all go away
If you blink
If you never stop running you won’t fall behind
So you think
And you wonder in your heart
If you’re still not who you are
Who are you?

“Nothing’s as it seems till it all falls apart
If you have a dream, go chase it
If you feel hope, don’t waste it
If you find love, embrace it
And never take a single breath for granted”

“The story’s yours, go write it
Tomorrow’s undecided
Our days are counted on this planet
Never take a single breath
Take a single breath for granted
Maybe it’s time you bet on yourself
Listen to your heart
Just listen to your heart and nobody else
So go find out who you are
Only you know who you are
Who are you?
‘Cause all you have to lose
Is your best life yet
So go ahead

“If you have a dream, go…”