Ziggie already experienced rapid growth and is well on track to becoming a major player in the cleaning industry nationwide. Having developed a large network of staff and contractors across the country, the team is able to get your job done efficiently, no matter how big or small.


At Ziggie we stand by our people and quality of service. To prove it we issue a guarantee of satisfaction with every job. Find out more…


We promise to do our best to protect our world for our children and future generations. We use eco-friendly products, environmentally responsible cleaning techniques and continually strive to improve processes to minimise waste while offering the best possible outcome.


Working for yourself is not for everyone, but if you want the freedom and financial benefits you get from being your own boss, then call us to discuss our franchise options. With 4 lucrative options available, there is something for everyone.

PHASE 1 – Construction Site Clean-up

The site clean-up is ideal for larger projects or smaller projects with tight deadlines. Here, the cleaner will act as a helping hand in keeping the workspaces clear from clutter, removing and discarding wrappers and protective material, allowing the tradesmen to see what what is going on and focussing on the task at hand. Often, this phase is performed by expensive project managers or tradesman, but it is a critical phase to any new build or renovation, and it pays to use Ziggies for their expert knowledge and reliability.

PHASE 2 – Initial Clean

The Initial Clean sets the scene for what is to come. At this time, our cleaners will remove stickers from windows, plastic protection from floors, carton board from carpets, marketing material from appliances etc. Window frames are cleaned from stickers, glue, dust and paint. On completion of this phase, there will be little sign of construction left. Only minor works will be outstanding and most tradies will be on to their new projects.

PHASE 3 – Detailed Clean

The Detailed Clean is the most time consuming of them all. All dust will be removed from walls, skirtings, floors, cupboards and all other surfaces. Windows, mirrors, stainless surfaces, countertops etc. will be shined and buffed. Screen protectors are removed from LCD displays, switches and other surfaces. Floors will be polished. This is like a Spring-clean on steroids.

PHASE 4 – Touch-ups

Touch-ups should take no longer than a few hours. We’ll come in to remove fingerprints from glass, countertops, high gloss doors, appliances, mirrors, windows etc. This is the last time anyone should come through the door before handing over a spotless property ready for occupancy. This is Ziggie’s opportunity to help the building company shine. Together we can accomplish so much more

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