We learned what goes through your mind when you’re considering to hire a cleaning company:

  • will they clean like I expect them to
  • what is the price
  • are they flexible to adjust to my schedule

Time, Money and Availability is the priority to every person on this plant. We get it and have, therefore, adjusted our service to cover these element best we humanly can


We allocate enough time to deliver the result – this might mean that the money we charge might not cover our time in full at times, but customer satisfaction is our priority. We are here to save you time by arriving home and have the agreed tasks completed.


Our pricing is fair. We are not here to rip anyone off. Please call us or fill up the form and contact us regarding the pricing – we know that projects are unique and people require various tasks that will differ from our other clients. Therefore, we take time and create a checklist unique for you.

We invested into top-notch equipment, proper, clean microfibre cloths and product that leaves surfaces clean and fresh aroma in the air.

We believe that our diligent work ethic and our attention to detail make us the most efficient and cost-effective cleaning service you can find.

We rely on our customer feedback to ensure a clean and happy home. We are also a pet friendly company!


In our business, one of the best ways to shine is by taking a proactive approach: One of our most closely held values is to respond immediately and solve problems promptly.

Demanding more of ourselves than our clients do, we make ourselves available at a drop-of-a-hat so to speak.

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