Alisa is able to communicate and adjust effectively at all levels of business. She brings her two decade business knowledge into Ziggie Group Limited underlined by her passion for people and seeing others succeed.

As a multiple businesses owner, Alisa practises loyal and pragmatic approach to sales, recruitment process and people in general. She is impassioned, driven-to-deliver and devoted to her clients 100%.

As Successful role-model with focus on results this astute businesswoman influences all people around her and passes on her knowledge freely – simply because she believes that Everyone We Meet should RiseUP because of being in touch with Us.

This Positive Rolemodel Ambassador believes that ‘Timing Is Everything’ and opportunities should not slip by. Alisa is ALWAYS ready to:

  • serve
  • share passions and stories
  • deliver promises
  • help people to their next level UP

Download her FREE Guide: Cleaning, Made Easy and learn so much more than just HOW TO make Cleaning Easy – this knowledge, well, people pay for it.

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