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Frequently asked questions

Professional cleaners have the commercial products to complete the jobs. Even though these products are environmentally friendly, they have the strength to disinfect and deliver great result. 


Professional vacuum cleaner is not just another cleaning tool, it becomes a very special agent to delivering the super clean floors where the dirt is removed from your house.



When the great product is combined with the professional cleaning system and delivered by a person who has experience – the results can only be absolutely wonderful.



Fastidious cleaning takes time, effort and money and a professional cleaner brings al three to work every day.

Investing into cleanliness is actually priceless. A better question would be: Am I getting my money’s worth?


Cleaning takes time. Detailed Cleaning takes more time. Therefore if cleaners were paid per hour it should be equalivant to the office job salary, yet people seem to underestimate the effort of an efficient cleaner.  



Many cleaners are quoting a job per hour and then landing into trouble because the job delivered is not what it should be – due to the profit loss and time consumption – more experienced cleaners look at the job and see the value delivered rather then time they will put into it – these are better equiped professionals. 


Every project is unique and every person wants things done in their preferred style, therefore prices vary from person to person.


Expect a professional to have a start price at around $65 per clean. 

A customised clean is your preferred cleaning. We have created a flexible approach where people can choose to clean more or lass and exclude rooms and include others – because we are not priced per hour we make sure the value is added to the request.

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Our clients say

"These guys did a fabulous job not only doing regular weekly cleans at our home but also our end of tenancy clean. Our landlord (who is really nice albeit a bit anal) said the house was so sparkling clean it made him feel like moving back in himself... phew! Thanks for your hard work and great vibe. Lovely team."
Residential Customer
"Again I have come home to an absolutely immaculate and clean house. I am so happy with the service that the Ziggie team is providing. Highly recommend them."
Residential Customer
"Thank you for the super clean you did today!! So nice to have a lovely clean home, love that natural products as well (we have a newborn, so prefer no chemicals)."
Residential Customer
"We would not hesitate to recommend @ziggie, they are professional cleaners who complete each job with great energy and enthusiasm, they take extreme pride in their work!"