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Thank you so so much for all the work you gave us this far. As a result, we have grown the company and now we operate in locations other than Auckland alone.

As a creator and owner of Ziggie Group, I personally welcome you to chat to me about your needs in the upcoming year.

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1-2-3. No time wastage. Final decision will be made within days.


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Unless we discovered that this journey needs to end during our chat, you will receive:

  • An email summarising the meeting and a call from one of the board-members.

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Welcome to the final, decision phase.

  • If we are happy to proceed, Strategic Partnership Document and an Agreement-To-Proceed will be emailed – awaiting your decision correspondence so we can book the Induction Date

  • If we decided not to proceed, A Thank You Letter will be emailed to you.

Be Courageous.
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Our THANK YOU GIFT is on Our website

We don't only take pride in delivering only the best cleaning results we also boast with loving people and taking care of those we know.

So we have developed a FREE gift for people who are interested in living at a clean level under any circumstances.

Happy to work with people who are interested in helping others live at a higher level of life.
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