Working For Ziggie

Welcome to the Team who is commitment to customer satisfaction.

Together we stand above other teams in todays extremely competitive marketplace.

We work in following sectors:

  • new-build
  • residential and
  • commercial

As a Team we stand for Customer Satisfaction First and as a Company we stand for Our People through:


What we do to make our customers happy…

  • a superior clean
  • on-site supervision to ensure accountability
  • available to work at a moment’s notice

  • a safe “green” clean with the use of environmentally friendly products
  • professional vacuums and durable, clean microfiber dusting cloths


Welcome to The Hub


The Hub is the heart of Ziggie Group. Here, Ziggies connect on many different levels. We communicate, network, learn, seek and find guidance and explanations to the questions we have when it comes to our career and work in general.


Our First Core Value is Trust which is a product of Love and Respect.

When we love someone we want only the best for them and we always share true feelings, opinion: making Integrity #1 priority and Ziggie Value.

We live respectfully and address good and bad times in this manner.

Trust must exist in a Team – or there is No Team.


For the work to carry on, we need to have:

  • sustainable team values
  • sustainable materials, products, equipment
  • sustainable technology
  • sustainable business processes

Sustainability is created right here: In The Hub by Team Ziggie.

Please always feel free to share your opinions, ideas, worries. We are here to hear and help.


Different partnerships exist in Ziggie Group.

  • TheHub Partnership
  • Strategic Partnership

Everyone who works at Ziggie Group becomes a partner to one another. We work as a team and we have each others best interests at heart.

Strategic Partnerships are situated in different locations and lead their own Team Ziggies – who then become part of our family here at he very heart of Ziggie: The Hub.

Ziggies had their weekly meeting and we are all Well and Positive which we wish you too!! #stayindoors #staypositive #newzealandguide @jettsnz @snapfitnessmairangibay @f45brownsbay #ziggieclean @a1homesnz @generationhomesnz @wattsoutelectrical

Posted by Ziggie on Thursday, 26 March 2020
TeamZiggie is the best place to connect to and have a yarn about your current cleaning needs. We are actively engaging to hear your needs and create a solution that is easy and does exactly what you want. Check out our FB Page for more fun Videos.

We encounter frustrations of living indoors that came with the hard hit of COVID-19 and we would love to be of service.

For the first time since Ziggie started, we want to share the secret of easy cleaning through FREE downloadable Guides: Cleaning, Made Easy – please don’t hesitate to make your life easy during these testing times. Its easy, and FREE. Get it Now.

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