We're All About The People

Passionate people are at the heart of Ziggie's unbeatable attitude!

Embark on an Epic Adventure: The Ziggie Story Told!

Once upon a time, there was a girl who yearned for more than just the ordinary. Tired of the repetitive grind and consumed by household chores, she craved a powerful force that would let her make a positive impact on the world. Her quest was to find a way to live a life filled with meaning and purpose, every single day.

Fast forward to today, and behold Ziggie—a thriving business with franchise options and an army of adventurous cleaners spanning the entire expanse of New Zealand. Our central hub pulsates with energy, fueled by years of business experience and a passionate management team who pour their hearts and wisdom into everything we do.

From commercial spaces to new builds, from residential havens to renovation marvels, and even exit cleans, TeamZiggie fearlessly tackles them all. We cater to moms and dads, office spaces, retail shops, fitness centres, and so much more.

The future of Ziggie lies in the unwavering drive of our management team, the sheer magnitude of projects gathered by our sales force, and, of course, the execution of our exceptional services.

That dreamer girl discovered that the path to a meaningful day-to-day life was an adventure worth pursuing. Now, united as TeamZiggie, we spread a contagious positive attitude, infusing love and respect into every business transaction. Together, we dare to do good in the world, one sparkling clean at a time. Join our quest and let the magic of Ziggie light up your world!



A Fresh Beginning: Alisa's Marvellous Discovery of Ziggie!

Once upon a time, Alisa embarked on a new journey, determined to create something meaningful and powerful. It had to be a HIT—an extraordinary endeavour that would embody her values, emotions, and wildest dreams.

Months passed as Alisa pondered and pondered, searching for the perfect name for her cleaning company. It had to be strong, unique, meaningful, and, of course, fun!

Ziggy Marly, the renowned Jamaican musician and philanthropist, known for his deep care for people and the planet, inspired Alisa with his parent’s philosophies of love and respect, which resonated with her own heart.

To add an intriguing twist, Alisa discovered that “Ziggy” originated from Germany and meant “Victorious Protector.” How marvellous to run a cleaning company that triumphantly protects people, both mentally and physically.

But Alisa wanted to infuse an extra dash of fun into the mix. She stumbled upon a hairdressing salon in Australia called Ziggie, and instantly, the element of fun danced its way into her vision.

Ziggie—the embodiment of a Fun Victorious Protector, with a foundation built on love and respect.

“It’s perfect,” Alisa exclaimed.

“As an ambassador, we align our values with what we love. For me, it’s about protecting every human from heartache, serving people and our world with hard work, and never losing sight of the fun and rhythm of life. Everyone who joins me on this journey shares this thinking.”

And so, Alisa’s cleaning adventure as a Ziggie began, bringing joy, protection, and a rhythm that resonates with every sweep and sparkle.

Stellar Team, Stellar Results