We're All About The People

Passionate people are at the heart of Ziggie's unbeatable attitude!

Our Story

Not long ago Ziggie was just a dream of a girl who wanted more from life than a repetitive career and obsession with family and household.

She was after that powerful force that would help her do good in the world. Her focus was finding the way to live a meaningful, day-to-day life with purpose.

Today, Ziggie is a business with a central hub running franchise options, cleaners Nation Wide New Zealand. It offers strong presence and displays many years of business experience. Management team is known for pouring all their passion and years of knowledge into the business, knowing that every person will be properly treated and results delivered.

Tirelessly, TeamZiggie completes commercial, new builds, residential, renovation and exit cleans to mums and dad’s, office spaces, retail shops, fitness centres to name a few.

The future of Ziggie depends on the drive from the management team, the volume of work accumulated by the sales team and of course, by the execution of services.

The girl with a dream discovered that traversing the paths to find a meaningful day-to-day life was definitely worth it. Together, TeamZiggie spreads the contagious positive attitude and does good in the world through love and respect with every business transaction.

Oh, The Name Says It All

Ziggie ….

It was a new beginning. Alisa decided to create something meaningful and strong for her next journey – this was to be a H I T and so it needed a name that would represent all values, emotions and dreams Alisa carried within her heart.

Months went by thinking and trying to decide what to name her cleaning company. Strong, unique, meaningful, and fun!

Many of you know the Jamaican musician and philanthropist, Ziggy Marly who openly care for people and the planet we live on. He runs on his parent’s philosophies and foundation, loving and respecting people and the environment.

Alisa – the ambassador of love and respect (today, Ziggie #1 Values) could not let that slide.

To make the play with the name Ziggy even more interesting, Alisa discovered that it originates from Germany and means Victorious Protector – how wonderful to run a cleaning company that victoriously protects people, their mental and physical existence.

Ziggie – with an “ie” was inspired by a hairdressing salon in Australia bringing in the element of fun. Fun Victorious Protectors with the foundation of love and respect.


“To be an ambassador we have to align our values with what we love – in my case, I wish to protect every human against heartache; I wish to serve people and our world through hard work and show that the fun and rhythm of the music is never far away. All who work with me are aligned with this thinking.”

Stellar Team, Stellar Results