11-Star Cleaning Services

Probably the Best cleaning services you have ever experienced and ever will.

What Creates an 11-Star Cleaning Service

To create a fully functional cleaning service for Ziggie clients thinking out-of-the-box and completely clarify our mission, vision, and purpose.

It was no small task to create an offering as big and potent as 11-Star Ziggie Cleaning Service which, we believe is a great differentiator in the market. It offers the following

  • 6-Star Premium Essentials – these are always included in Ziggie offerings. Every customer will definitely get the hotel-like treatment.
  • On top of the luxurious 6-Star services, we offer further service customization: 5-Star Platinum Options. 

If you want any cleaning done – call Ziggie – it will be done.

Our end goal is to ensure that all cleaning services are consistent, giving people exactly what they had in mind.

How is Ziggie Different? Well, Let’s See…

You may have several choices when it comes to cleaning services nationwide New Zealand, but few offers can match the level of service that Ziggie can provide.

  • Experience & Expertise: hands-on experience goes into every Ziggie cleaning. Our experience extends throughout the different sectors, wherein each Ziggie is trained in that specific cleaning and proper disinfecting.
  • Technology: We seek out the latest technologies to run the business (ZiggieApp being our favorite by far) as well as technologies that will make your environments cleaner, safer, and healthier—all while leaving the lightest ecological footprint possible. 
  • Service: 11-Star Ziggie Service is probably unbeatable, legendary. Its advantage is that you can pick and choose what you wish done at the time that you need it done – we work to find the plan that works for you.
  • Value: Obsessive detail. Competitive pricing. All about you.

Emergency: We will do our best in case of emergency to respond within 2 hours.

6-Star Premium Service

Premium Services
Personalized Pricing
State of the Art Products
High-End System
Luxurious Results
Time Efficient

5-Star Platinum Options