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Visualize stepping onto your commercial construction site and feeling an immediate sense of pride — every surface gleams, every corner is spotless, and your project radiates professionalism.

Now, imagine the opposite: debris, dust, and clutter tarnishing your hard work and dedication. Neglecting proper cleaning services isn’t just an oversight; it’s a glaring mistake jeopardising safety and tarnishing your reputation. Your clients expect excellence, and a pristine construction site reflects your commitment to delivering it. Don’t let a dirty site undermine your success.

Stand above the rest and ensure your commercial project leaves a lasting impression for all the right reasons.

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Why Choose Us?

Save Time
In commercial construction, every second counts. Our cleaning services ensure your site is spotless and ready for the next phase, freeing your team to focus on building and creating. Our efficient process helps you meet tight deadlines and stay on track.

Save Money
Unexpected costs can derail your budget. A clean site is a safe site, reducing costly accidents and compliance issues. Investing in our services prevents setbacks and ensures resources are used wisely, promoting productivity and protecting your bottom line.

Timely, Detailed Execution
Perfection is in the details. Our meticulous cleaning ensures every corner of your site is spotless, from rough clean to final touches. We guarantee your site will look pristine and professional, right up to the final inspection.

Commitment to Excellence
•  Save time
•  Cut costs
•  Impress clients and stakeholders with flawless execution

Complete your project the right way — clean, safe, and on point. Trust us for the perfect finish so you can focus on bringing your vision to life.

At Ziggie Group, dedicated to delivering excellence in commercial construction cleaning across New Zealand and Australia. Let us handle the cleanup, so you can focus on bringing your vision to life.

Our Services

We provide specialised cleaning services designed specifically for commercial construction projects, ensuring your site meets the highest standards of cleanliness and professionalism.

GrandFinish 600x300

MaintainPro (Regular Cleans)

Tailored for commercial construction projects, this service provides consistent cleaning services to maintain a safe and organised work environment from start to finish.

It covers maintenance cleans, main clean, completion touch-ups, and exterior cleaning for the entire project duration.

MaintainPro 600x300

GrandFinish Project (Project Cleans)

Tailored for commercial construction projects, this service offers a thorough clean-up post-construction.

We ensure your site is pristine and prepared for the next phase, be it inspection, handover, or occupancy.

ReliableRoutine 600x300

ReliableRoutine (Subscription Cleans)

Designed for commercial construction projects, our subscription-based service provides dependable cleaning at regular intervals.

Ideal for multi-project scenarios, ensuring continuous cleanliness support.

What Our Clients Say About Us

I have always been impressed with the level of service we receive and even to the point where on numerous occasions the new home owners have looked to engage the ongoing services of Alisa and her team, this speaks volumes in my opinion. The standard of cleaning has always been excellent, both interior and exterior, and in our line of work that’s important. I would happily recommend them for both commercial and residential cleaning work, I doubt you’ll find a better team.
Dennis Bunyan
Dennis Bunyan
Project Manager, JAL Developments
Ziggie team helped us deliver various commercial and residential construction projects on the North Shore, New Zealand, by cleaning during and at the end of the projects. They are reliable and ready to go an extra mile. Our apartment buildings always received detailed interior cleans and outstanding exterior wash. Its simple, we work with Ziggie because they take the pressure off us, they are professional and our investment in them is worth it.
Andre Vermeulen
Andre Vermeulen
Owner / Director, Andeon Construction

Claim Your Free Kitchen Area Clean

As a special welcome to our new clients, we’re offering a complimentary kitchen area clean with your first service. It’s our way of showing our commitment to exceeding your expectations from the start.

Consider the significance of a pristine construction site: it mirrors your standards, commitment to excellence, and regard for all stakeholders. Don’t risk project success. A messy site isn’t just unsightly; it’s unsafe and detrimental to your reputation.

With Ziggie Group, guarantee professionalism and safety on your site, creating an environment for your team to excel and impress clients. Trust us for the cleanup, freeing you to focus on your vision without cleanup concerns.

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